The KEY PRINCIPLE that will help you improve your FITNESS RESULTS (& Career, Relationships and Life)


Written By : Jarrod Bruce Lee

Key Principles improve fitness results

Self-Growth and self-improvement has always been an important area of my life, the idea of exploring the frontiers of human potential (mine and others) gets my spine tingling, heart racing and mind excited to soar and go. And in my journey of growth there has been one KEY PRINCIPLE and SKILL that has helped me develop not just my fitness and physique, but spilled over to everything else I do in a positive way. 🙂

Whether it’s ..

getting better in my physical health, strength, or fitness,

growing in my career as a coach, personal trainer and singer,

expanding my world-view and understanding new perspectives,

improving on my personal relationships, confidence and mindset,

exploring my spirituality and inner journey,

I love challenging myself and exploring the frontiers of my human potential (and the potential of my clients!)

This principle has helped me massively. And can help you too.

If you want to learn more about this principle, do read on…

In the physiology world the principle of growth and improvement is called the Progressive Overload principle.

What this principle means is that for every workout you do – if your goal is to get better RESULTS (get fitter, stronger, gain muscle, lose body-fat) you need to UPGRADE your workout in at least one form or another.

In my years of experience (nearly a decade!) of coaching clients to transform their health, physique, and fitness, one common comment I have heard from strangers/new clients is “I have been doing this workout routine for the last three months but I am seeing NO RESULTS”

I then ask “What is it you are doing in your program?” and “How has your workouts improved in the last few months?” The client/stranger at the gas station/fellow gym buddy then sheepishly says “well I am doing xyz but.. I haven’t really improved it”.


If you keep doing the same workout day in and day out – you WON’T see any CHANGES reflected on the OUTSIDE, because what you are DOING, ISN’T CHANGING.

Going to the gym doing the same workout day in and day out to get better results is like turning up to a Maths class going through 1+1 = 2 over and over again, expecting to get better at maths. It may seem ridiculously simple, but we all mistakenly do it from time to time (particularly in the areas of life we are less familiar with). As humans, we like to stay comfortable – there is a comfort zone which feels nice and safe, and easy. But if we want better RESULTS, and GROWTH, we need to step outside that comfort zone and UPGRADE our actions.

The concept of Progressive Overload states that for your results to change, your workout needs to get better. Whether it is reducing your rest time, upping the reps a little, upping the weight a little, running a little faster, stretch a little further (or whatever it may be that is to help you get better results :)). You need to make the workout just a little better, for the results on the outside to be reflected.

Of course, the caveat here is: if you have reached a place where you are very happy with your health, fitness, strength, muscle size etc. – congratulations on your hard work – you can perform the same workouts as maintenance, no problemo!!

But I am guessing if you are reading this post and the heading caught your eye – you want better RESULTS.

So some questions to consider for your fitness routine:

1. Have you been doing the same workout, the same way, expecting better results?

2. How can you improve your workout, to make it a little bit better, so you can get better results?

3. Can you increase the weights you are lifting? Reduce your rest times? Run a little further?

Then spilling into life (and any area you are struggling with/wanting to get better results for):

1. In your chosen area of struggle, have you been doing the same actions, day in day out, expecting better results?

2. How can you change and improve your actions just a little bit, to get you better results?

3. If you want more calm, can you try taking up even a 5 minute yoga/meditation session?

If you want a better job, can you apply for a new job every 2-3 days?

If you want more appreciation, can you say appreciative comments to your partner/family/friends more?

If you want to grow your business, can you try getting one extra marketing activity going, or hire a business coach?

If you follow this principle of Progressive Overload and the process of constantly asking yourself “how can I make this better” and act on this, you won’t believe how far you will get, even just 3 – 6 months from now. Not just in your physique and health, but all areas of life.

I’ve seen it in my clients, myself and family and friends.

Give it a go!

Comment below on what actions you would like to take, or questions about your fitness workout, would love to hear your thoughts!