5 Tips to Boost Your Testosterone


Written By : Jarrod Bruce Lee


Whichever age range you are in, but particularly, if you are over the age of 30, and male, Testosterone is going to not just help you look good, but keep you in good spirits and healthy for the long run. Here are a few tips to boost your testosterone:

1. Lift Heavy things:

When you lift heavy things (whether it’s weight lifting or even big compound movements of your body like squats) you start to rebuild muscle. And more muscle = more testosterone = better moods and confidence.

2. Drop Weight

Body-fat/being overweight is the antithesis to testosterone. And just by shedding a few pounds can up your testosterone levels drastically. Focus on making your movement fun and enjoyable and you’ll also get the benefits of de-stressing

3. Eat more Protein

Your body needs protein (muscles, hair, organs, basic survival) and by having a low protein consumption, your muscles will atrophy (decline) at a faster rate over-time, especially after the age of 30. Protein will not just help boost your testosterone but also keeps you full and helps to curb off hunger – a bonus to help you drop weight.

4. Sleep Sleep and Sleep

Lack of sleep will absolutely not just wreck havoc on your hormones and your ability to produce testosterone, but also your mood, your ability to focus, clarity in thought. This is probably the number one free thing you can do to fix to get your body in check, if you are not getting enough sleep.

5. Mindfulness

Taking time to be present, and de-stress, will keep your testosterone levels in check. As stress is another big factor that will wreck havoc for you. And often it’s not just in changing your environment to reduce stress, but in changing your responses, your thought processes – so that the same situation that used to bother you and stress you out – no longer does.