Have something you’ve always wanted but never had


Written By : Jarrod Bruce Lee


So… this is a big one. And I want you to pay attention to this.

I want you to imagine, having the body you have always wanted but never had. What would you look like? How would it feel? What would you be doing? What would people be saying to you? What physical feats could you accomplish?

Next, imagine, having the dream relationship you have always dreamt of… but never had. Who would you be with? What would you be doing together? How would you spend your morning together? Where do you go for your dates?

Then, I want you to imagine, having a dream career, where you are doing the things you are the most passionate about, that makes you excited. What would you be doing? Where would you be? Who would you be interacting with? What would people be saying to you?

Lastly, I want you to imagine having incredible confidence, and the drive to go after what you want, feel courageous against all odds. How are you holding yourself? How do you stand your ground? How do you say yes and no to the things you want and don’t want?

I want you to know, whilst this may, at this point in time, seem like a distant and maybe impossible dream right now. It is possible to turn these into reality.

How would I know?

Because I have been that guy, who disliked his body, who didn’t have self-love, who got angry and frustrated with people for no reason, who felt like, no one was ever going to love me for me, who hated his job, who felt marginalized and angry at the world for the racism and homophobia I’ve faced. Who wanted to do more and be more, but couldn’t see the path. I have been all of the above.

Yet, I was lucky enough I have met the right people, mentors, counselors, and coaches, who looked through my bullshit and saw the light in me, the love, the power, the fierce determination, and the truth of all I am. I invested money in them because I realized that if I wanted to make a change, I had to do something different – and that sticking to my normal habits, and surrounding myself with people who didn’t believe in me, or people who didn’t believe I could do what I wanted to do, will mean me remaining stuck exactly where I was.

These coaches and mentors STRETCHED ME.

They saw in me what I couldn’t see for myself – and gave me the right space, pushes, and nudges towards my true potential and dreams.

They challenged the stories and limiting beliefs I put up

“I can’t be a personal trainer”

“I can’t be a professional singer”

“I can’t look muscular or fit or toned”

“I will never find the right partner who will love me and am doomed to be single forever”

“I am not good enough”

“No one will listen to me”

“I am not lovable”

They crushed through all the beliefs I had – and showed me what’s actually possible.

Now, I won’t say the journey will be easy – but I can promise it is worth it. MORE than worth it.

To be stretched, and get outside of your comfort zone will induce fear. The fear of the unknown. Fear of what’s to come.

But along with that fear, with the right support, you will also feel the excitement, for possibilities, for a better way of living and being.

I became a trainer and coach and developed the training program my clients go through because I know how life-changing it is. I’ve seen it in me and all my clients. To be uplifted into this space of possibility, fear, and excitement all rolled into one – and to upgrade your way of living.

And I welcome you to join the others and jump in on the wild ride 🙂

Send an email to thedaringcoach@gmail.com about your body, confidence, and relationship goals (who you want to be in 6 months’ time), and let’s get things started!

Coach J x