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I used to struggle big time with my body, confidence, sexuality and self-worth.

I hated the way I looked - the belly fat and love handles, the lack of muscle - and constantly felt self-conscious, stuck in my head, anxious, and depressed about my dating and social life. I can still remember the late nights on dating apps, hiding alone in my room feeling the sting of every “rejection”. Often feeling like I wasn’t good enough - avoiding mirrors, questioning my looks, my self worth, and whether I even belonged in the gay community, or any community at all.

I tried for nearly 4 years - everything under the sun to look and feel better about myself - zero sugar diets, fasting, no carbs, running for hours on a treadmill, hours of sit ups, bootcamps, youtube, googling, research. And felt really frustrated, confused and helpless that I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted with all the time I was putting in.

Out of the frustration - I knew I HAD TO make a REAL change. I bit the bullet, sought out the help of mentors, coaches and therapists → got fully qualified in fitness, nutrition and psychology → broke through the blocks holding me back, learnt how to do things properly and dramatically transformed my body in the space of 14 months along with my confidence, dating and sex life.

It’s been 7+ years of staying in great shape and health, having an incredible dating life to now marrying my loving husband, and most importantly - feeling CONFIDENT and HAPPY in my own skin.

I have since helped over 400 people achieve bodies and confidence they never thought possible - the majority of whom are gay men and members of the LGBTQ+ community. In addition to over 3,000 lbs of fat lost, and 1,000 lbs of muscle built → many have built loving relationships, achieved new promotions, and built more wealth - as a by-product of their change in self-belief.

Founder of THE DARING ACADEMY, Jarrod has Qualifications, Bachelor & Masters Degrees in the areas of Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coaching. He walks the talk as an international Powerlifting Gold Medalist, has toured the world as the lead singer and performed on stages in the U.K., Europe and Australasia. And most importantly? He is passionate about helping other gay men build the bodies, confidence and lives they didn’t think possible.


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Jarrod Bruce Lee


Meet Jarrod, the driving force behind THE DARING ACADEMY. As an international Powerlifting Gold Medalist, he brings passion and expertise to help LGBTQ+ members, particularly gay men, achieve their desired bodies, confidence, and life fulfillment. Jarrod's transformative impact has touched the lives of over 400 individuals, inspiring them to overcome their limitations and embrace self-belief.

Tomi Kristinak

Tomi Kristinak

Chief Operating Officer

Tomi is our COO, as well as Jarrod’s husband. He manages everything behind the scenes, making sure everything is running smoothly. Tomi loves books, cafes and cats. His dream is to have his own library 🙂

Francis Ryan

Francis Ryan

Social Media Manager

Our Social Media Wiz, Francis looks after our social accounts making sure we are connecting with all the right people (YOU!) and delivering content that seves and uplifts the LGBT community. Francis is a foodie who loves healthy smoothies and enjoys running, hiking, and trekking.

Lowel Calleja

Lowel Calleja

Client Success Manager

Our Client Success Manager as well as Executive Assistant, Lowel makes sure that Clients get the best experience whilst achieving incredible results and
Lowel loves working out, hot chocolates and spreading joy in this world.